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Testing Rules

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Testing Rules Empty Testing Rules

Post by Gajeel Volk on Thu Jan 16, 2014 10:06 pm

Here are the rules that the person being tested must abide by:

1 - "Tier 1 Decks", "Burn", "Stall" or "Special Win Condition Card Effects" are not allowed
Some examples of Special Win Condition card effects include:
"Exodia", "Final Countdown", "Destiny Board".
"Number 88: Gimmick Puppet of Leo" and "Number C88: Gimmick Puppet Disaster Leo" are the only cards excluded from this rule.

If a Tier 1 deck or Special Win condition card effect is used during a test, the test will be invalid and the member will not be able to take a retest for two weeks.

2 - You must cooperate with the tester at all times and avoid conflict.
If a tester is being unreasonable, send a screenshot to another tester or post it on the guild forums and the issue will be dealt with. If both the tester and observer are being unreasonable, then you can provide them with a legitimate link detailing the rulings and why they are wrong in a civil manner. If they continue to argue, you can freely contact another member of staff.

3 - If you, the tester and the observer don't know a ruling related to the duel, you can may ask another tester or leader and they will try to resolve the issue.

4 - You must send a screenshot of your deck to the tester at start of duel and after siding has been completed.
If these screenshots are not sent, the test will not continue.

5 - You must abide by and follow all of the rules to the game.

6 - No banned cards may be used.

7 - You cannot complain to the tester regarding your rank and you cannot tell them how to grade you.

8 - Do not argue with the tester as this will result in a minus 5 deduction from your final score
(unless you can provide evidence and have the observer agree with you on the point).
Continuing to argue for a period of time will result in your test being made invalid.

Some decks that can't be used for tests are:
Chaos Dragons

The above list was made to introduce and incorporate creativity within the Guild.
The above list is also subject to change.
Gajeel Volk
Gajeel Volk

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