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Fairy Tail's Guild Rules: read before commenting on chat box. part 2

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Fairy Tail's Guild Rules: read before commenting on chat box. part 2 Empty Fairy Tail's Guild Rules: read before commenting on chat box. part 2

Post by Gajeel Volk on Thu Jan 16, 2014 10:01 pm

1. You must follow all of the rules in the Guild.

2. You must respect and be nice to everyone
This includes both members of Fairy Tail and non-members of Fairy Tail.

3. You can NOT accept a War or challenge another clan to a war unless war team head or a leader of Fairy Tail, unless given screen-shot-able permission by leader or war team head.

4. If If you are unsure of the recruitment process and someone wishes to join Fairy Tail, you must refer them to one of the following:
(Fairy Tail)Mavis
(Fairy Tail)Spawn
(Fairy Tail)FairyLaw
(Fairy Tail)Dragon

They will give you a debriefing of the Guild and will answer all of your questions.

5. You can NOT advertise for other academies, products, services, or other teams on the forum.
However, you may advertise in your signature (only applies to academies).

6. As a member of Fairy Tail, you must have an account on the forum and have taken the Guild initial testing.
If you do not have an account on the forum, then you are not officially a member of the Guild.

7. If a problem arises, you must report it to one of the following and they will deal with the situation accordingly:
(Fairy Tail)FairyLaw
(Fairy Tail)Dragon (Gajeel Volk)

8. Please represent the Guild in a positive way and do not disclose any sensitive information that could possibly hurt the integrity of the Guild or another member's feelings.

9. Please do not spam members of the Fairy Tail or complain to testers about your final result
(this will result in a less overall mark unless you argue your point thoroughly and the tester agrees).

10. You must cooperate will all members of the team.
This includes Testers, Graphics (GFX) Team, Chat Moderators and Tournament Moderators.

11 .You must be patient while waiting for something/someone in the Guild.

12. You must have an account on this forum in order to be considered a member of Fairy Tail as it is mandatory.
This is to promote the user interactivity of both the forum and other things such as tournaments.

13. Do not make unnecessary posts in the wrong sections.
Furthermore, do not insult another member of Fairy Tail within your post nor post any adult content.

14. The following people have (Fairy Tail) in their name, but are not official members of the Guild. Please avoid them in regards to Fairy Tail:

(Fairy Tail) xZoeyx
(Fairy Tail) Evolbot
(Fairy Tail) Fish
(Fairy Tail) Flipsy
(Fairy Tail) EREN
(Fairy Tail) Chelia
(Fairy Tail) Icon
(Fairy Tail)King2
(Fairy Tail)Kuroku

15. Try and avoid conversing with any member of the Uchiha Clan. (Uchiha)  / (Uchiha Clan)
Additionally, try and not duel any of their members, as all they want to do is try and start trouble within the Guild. They have even gone as far as stealing our members. If a Uchiha Member messages you; avoid them, dueling with them (doesn't apply in rated) 'could' result in a demotion of Rank and/or a temporary suspension from events or from the forum entirely.

17. If you fail to abide by any of the above, then you will receive one of the following punishments depending on the situation.(Excludes Rule 14)

Jewl removal
war team removal
Grade Reduction
event suspension
Temporary Ban from the Guild
Permanent Ban from the Guild

Administration Requirements
3 month member time
multiple criteria regarding persons

Moderation Requirements
2 month member time

The current Magic Council Members are:
(Fairy Tail)Dragon
(Fairy Tail)FairyLaw
(Fairy Tail)Spawn

As proof that you read all of these please type to the person that sent you this link:
"I am Ready to Become a Member of Fairy Tail"

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