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A Guide For Newcomers

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A Guide For Newcomers Empty A Guide For Newcomers

Post by Gajeel Volk on Thu Jan 16, 2014 10:18 pm

A Guide For Newcomers:

First of all, we would just like to say a big thank you for visiting the forums! We hope that you enjoy your stay here.

We have constructed a general guide for users of the forum, this should answer all of the questions that you have that are related to the Fairy Tail Guild.

Step-by-step Guide

1. Create an account on the forum!

Please make sure that the account that you are making on the forum is the same as your account name on Dueling Network. You can easily create an account by clicking the "register" button located on the legend bar below the Guild banner, or to the top right of your web browser (below the URL of the page).

2. Introduce yourself!

You can tell us about yourself in this section of the forums
Be sure to include what you like about Dueling Network and Fairy Tail.

3. Be good and read the rules!
To ensure an awesome stay at Fairy Tail we hope that you read the rules of the Guild.

4. Tryouts!
Before ANYONE joins the guild you all need to be tried out if you are good enough.If you fail the tryout you can try again in a week.To tryout just pm someone in the magic council or or a tester.

5. Get Tested!

Before you get tested you need ALL rules.Those are posted in the "Rules" section of the guild site.Then make a test request in the "Test Requests" section.

6. The Ranking System!

Just like in the Fairy Tail anime, we have a ranking system that is solely dedicated to measure how skillful you are currently, but do not take the results seriously as you may have had a tinge of bad luck!

The Ranks are as follows:

S - Class - The Elite.
Some say their dueling skills are beyond both our comprehension and beliefs.

A - Class - The Advanced.
Their skills are very reliable and have led to a multitude of victories throughout the history of Fairy Tail!

B - Class - The Brilliant!
Their brilliant and strategic minds have helped and guided us to conquer over the vast land of Fiore.

C - Class - The Capable!
Their skills in hunting and providing wins are extraordinary. They help us stay and keep us on target, they are, the Foundation.

D - Class - The Determined!
They are well renowned for their constant ventures and quests to obtain higher ranks in the Guild.

E - Class - The Energetic.
Despite being ranked the lowest in the Guild, they are very energetic and are keen on improving in every possible aspect of dueling.

7. Post Test!

After getting tested, wait patiently for the results. Do not under any circumstances rush the tester.
When the tester is done grading you, they will post it in the test requests section and they will link it to you on Dueling Network.

8. The Tournaments!

In Fairy Tail we regularly host tournaments for the members of the Guild. Rules within the tournaments vary as there are a lot of tournaments and are made by the moderators of the tournament. Tournament moderators are simply members of the Guild that have been assigned a task to successfully host tournaments for the Guild Members.

Each tournament has a set requirement that you must meet before you can enter, this can involve your Rank or the amount of Jewl that you have.

9. Jewl (Yes that is how it's spelled in the anime shut up)

Jewl are Fairy Tail's currency when it comes to the forums; you can spend it on anything that's available!

Jewl are the currency that is used by Fairy Tail on the forums. These points measure how active you are on the forums and how much you have contributed to Fairy Tail. There are multiple methods to earning Jewl.

Also, check out the mage shops. There might be something you need there.

Gajeel Volk
Gajeel Volk

A Guide For Newcomers D87Mwvj

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