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Suggestions From Ex-Co Leader Happy

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Suggestions From Ex-Co Leader Happy

Post by Guest on Thu Apr 17, 2014 12:51 am

Hey there! Some of you may remember me as the old co leader of Fairy Tail before I left and newer members will be confused, but meh, free fishies for everyone.

When I left, I sometimes checked the forum page for the newly updated Fairy Tail clan and was a little disappointed. I believe that there are some extra features that you can add to the forum to make it more lively.

1: SCM Music Player - This one is a preference and can be kept, however, it doesn't offer a great user experience as the forum is constantly lagging. Additionally, having it play automatically upon opening the forum can be bad, especially for headphone users with the volume up. Just saying.

If you are going to keep the music player, add more songs that appeal to Guild Members, ask them what songs they would like to be added to the music player. It's true that Skillet are pretty good, but it will become repetitive and boring over time... ADD MOAR SONGS!

2: Removal of "Top Posters (honestly, who cares?)" - "Search (already have a search bar in the legend)" - "Statistics (oh wow! Our forum is this popular! Again, isn't needed)" - "Who is online? (already featured at the bottom of the forum)" on the left side of the forum. Having these are pointless and just take space that can be used for something else, like tabbed navigation for important topics - i.e. Rules, Guidebook.

3: Graphic Design - Some of the images on the forum are inconsistent with size and quality, quickly change them or you will scare people off your forum! There are multiple ways of doing this, create a post: "Looking for forum graphics" - People that post great graphics should be awarded with Graphic Designer status and should be given "Jewls" for their contribution.

4: The Legend - You know that little guy called Happy, he's a legend and should be given fish! Nah, but really, you see that bar at the top of the page just under the forum banner? Yeah? It kind of needs changed, it is a pain to the human eye and doesn't look very appealing to people, except for those in the construction industry. The colour scheme says "danger!" - I agree, a danger for vision.

5: Removal of a Chat Box: There are two chat boxes on the forum, a Chatango chat box and the original forum chat box. Please remove one of them as it becomes confusing when the leader asks you to "use the chat box more" and you don't know which chat he is talking about. You can also link the chats together (there is a tutorial somewhere on the Internet), meaning that if you post "Hi" in one of the chats, it will appear in the others.

Example of the chat I created in the old Fairy Tail forum:

Closed: http://puu.sh/8bYB6.png
Open: http://puu.sh/8bYHT.png

Pretty GG, WP? I know right!

I'll give some more suggestions at a later point. Got bored.

OH! I also created a Skype Group Chat for the Guild, if you want to be added to that, post in this format:

Dueling Network Name: (Fairy Tail) Example
Skype Name: Fairy.Tail.Example



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