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Some suggestions

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Some suggestions

Post by (Fairy Tail) ErLu on Mon Mar 10, 2014 5:39 pm

Hi Very Happy

So hi guys! Since I got put in the administrative group, I'd like to ask a few questions before I do anything in the forum.

#1 Is it okay for me to remove the seamless player above? Please, it makes the forum lag for those below 85.6 kbps worth of internet (Like moi Sad )

#2 Would it be possible for me to reduce the sections to just the following:

  • Guild Council
  • Guild Announcements (Instead of Events)
  • Intros and Byes
  • Trials (Instead of Tryouts, Magic Tests, and Requests)
  • Queries (Instead of Information)
  • Feedback (Instead of suggestion)
  • Classes stay the same
  • Allies and Foes (Stuck it in one forum)
  • Duel Colosseum and Teams will be removed so I can put them up in an HTML page and since Duel Colosseum isn't being used
  • Competition (Will divide it into 2 IN the forum so it would look neater)
  • Yu-gi-oh! Discussions (Will be divided into 3: Card, Deck, and Rulings discussion IN the forum)
  • General Discussions (Includes manga, etc. so there's no much clutter)
  • Role Play
  • Shop (Either that or an HTML page)
  • Fanfiction

^ I did that so the navigation could be so much easier.

#3 Below the overall body of the forum, I will just put the affiliates so there won't be a need to create a portal page UNLESS you want it but I can still do both if ever ~

#4 Do you want to use the chatango, forumotion, or avacweb chat box? I recommend avacweb so we don't have to create an account and we can check if someone who's banned is in it better.

#5 Is it okay if we put some of the stuff in just HTML pages because it's annoying to the eyes for some clutter x____x...

#6 Can I change every gfx e_e?

#7 Do you want Fairy Tail as the host of hosts for clan wars?

#8 Do you want a portal page?

#9 Can someone PLEASE gather a YouTube team so they can record our war duels?

#10 I will be hosting a couple of slideshows as well as some games either in Iframe code or just post codes.

#11 Can we please start recruiting staff members? (Very active or at least active)

With all that, please answer Smile. I know I always post lengthy posts but yeah, lol, I want us to be #1!!!


(Fairy Tail) ErLu
(Fairy Tail) ErLu

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