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Gajeel Volk's Emporium :D

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Gajeel Volk's Emporium :D Empty Gajeel Volk's Emporium :D

Post by Gajeel Volk on Tue Apr 22, 2014 2:47 pm

This is where I will be selling different decks and items to you guys.It can range from 5 to 30 Jewl.When you want an item simply post here and I will subtract the Jewl from your account.Have Fun and choose wisely!

Re-Test  100 Jewl

Testers Test-100 Jewl

Tournament Pass(Single)-40 Jewl

Tournament Pass (Permanent) 70 Jewl
You can only hold 1 tournament per week.Tournaments can only be made when time permits and it is approved by an admin.

Shop Pass-100 Jewl

Xyz Symphony Djinns-50



Wind-Ups Deck-70 Jewl

Exodia Countdown(Fun)-50 Jewl

Chaos Dragons-50 Jewl

Lightsworns/Lightray-90 Jewl

Utopia Zws OTK-100 Jewl

Meklords-100 Jewl

Wind-Up Zws OTK-150 Jewl

Custom Deck-70 Jewl
If I know how to make them I will do it.

No you can't get discounts,unless you are Batman,then you get 10 jewl off >->

Gajeel Volk's Emporium :D 14630610
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