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Constellar/Hieratic Empty Constellar/Hieratic

Post by (Fairy Tail) Razgriz on Sat Apr 19, 2014 8:56 pm

I have decided to make a deck for the tryout and the test. I want to use Hieratics because they are rather useful to what I want to do, that is to Synchro Summon. I know they are rather overrated, but they are effective none-the-less.

So to increase their effectiveness and to aid in my overall goal, I added in the Constellar archetype. They by themselves are quite potent, able to handle themselves very well. Hieratics are a bit more vulnerable than Constellars are in terms of drawing. To aid the Hieratics in how I want to use them, the Constellars were a good fit after many trials.

What I'm asking here is what do you guys think about a Constellar/Hieratic deck? I'm trying to be a bit more odd in making decks as I don't like using a full meta deck, though I do like seeing how a meta deck can run when using something completely off the wall.


Like using Evilswarms with Galaxy.

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